Project Background

The City of Daytona Beach is invested in expanding recreational opportunities for citizens and increasing opportunities to host sports tourism events. Today, the City of Daytona Beach currently owns approximately 630 acres of land located west of 1-95 between US-92 and I-4.

The City of Daytona Beach has taken a crucial step forward by enlisting the expertise of Sports Facilities Companies, Halff, and OSports. Together, the consultant team is embarking on the development of a feasibility study aimed at further refining and expanding recreational opportunities and increasing sports tourism events for the City of Daytona Beach, FL.

This collaborative effort exemplifies a significant milestone toward realizing the full potential of the City of Daytona Beach. In addition to leveraging the expertise of renowned firms in sports facility planning, development, management, and architectural design, the initiative is committed to fostering community engagement throughout the planning process. This commitment involves various outreach efforts, including surveys, stakeholder consultations, and community meetings. By actively involving residents, local organizations, and other stakeholders, the city aims to capture diverse perspectives and ensure that the future developments to the City of Daytona Beach truly reflect the needs and aspirations of the community. Together, through collaborative planning and engagement, the Daytona Beach Multi-Use Recreation Complex is poised to become a recreation asset that enriches the lives of Daytona Beach residents and attracts new sports tourism for generations to come.


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